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Nvm im just slow

how do i get this to work with the patreon build of the game

hey does anyone know how to put in the mods for lust doll+? bc I have no clue what I'm doing :p

And now, the Joiplay no longer exists, can we play it on our cell phone?

actually... it DOES exists... but you can only download it at certain hours of the day depending when the page is alive... idk why... but from here i can download joiplay everytime at the midnight... just wait for different hours in your country to download it...

Say, would this actually need updated to keep it working? If it still works even after LD+ updates does this have to be on the same version or could we, so long as we don't have anything from a new update in our inventory or are in an area from an update, still use the cheat portion of this mod in the interim?

As of right now, yes. But it will become more and more unstable with each new update to the base game. To be safe, I'd recommend you make a backup of your save first.


Hey, I've been trying to develop a few bits for a mod of my own, but can't wrap my head around how LD+ structures some paperdoll display mechanics in RPGMaker. You've no doubt got much more skill than me, so would you be interested in a couple of extra sequences and add-on bits? I've already mostly done the relevant art and writing

I'd be happy to help. My discord is aoibami, send me a dm.

I've sent you a friend request :)

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I can't use the patreon version with essentials installed, it's a shame

Edit: what I'm referring to is the scenes that completely kill you,,, example: giant plant, having the essentials tells me that I need the patreon version to see the scene


Yeah sadly it would be really difficult to get the mod to work with the Patreon version, but I will keep trying.

ok, thanks

If you can somehow avoid modifying a certain file (it's a pretty heavily modified file, so I guess that's unlikely), you could just not include that file in the www version and that would work. Or Patreon supporters could contact you with proof of support and you could send them the Patreon version of the file. I can tell you in private what to change in what file to unlock Patreon content, not gonna post it in public because piracy. 

That would be helpful, my discord is aoibami. I tried figuring out what file controlled the extra content in the past, but iirc I came to the conclusion that there must be more than one file. (or I made a mistake and the file I thought was responsible for it wasn't)

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Alright, I just sent you a friend request, look for Garfield smoking a pipe

could help with a dream or two waifu aoibami

Add me on Discord @aoibami

added you mines @rainzana

Hey, could we get some ABDL content in the mod?

That is if you are comfortable with adding such content.


I have been wanting to add more niche content for a while now. I might try writing some dreams for it in the coming days.

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