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how do i instaill the mod into the game?

For installation on platforms other than Windows or Android, locate the game's "www" folder and replace it with the "Essentials v0.X.X www" file.

To play on Android, download the Windows version and extract it. Then, use the Joiplay app to run the Game.exe.

To play on Windows, simply download the Windows version, extract it, and run the Game.exe.

Is it possible for you to develop an APK version the Joiplay version is not compatible with my device

Here it is:

If you already have Lust Doll+ installed on your device, then the mod apk won't work. If you have LDP installed, uninstalling it should allow the mod apk to function correctly, but this will also erase your saves.

Hey in joiplay what pluggin did the mod use?

You do also need to install this in order to run rpgmaker games.


Official Joiplay website:

There are also plugins for Ren’Py and RPGMaker (all three of them are APK)

(Recommended for newer Android OS version since Google Play version seemed to be outdated for them

Can android user use this mod?

Yes, you can use the Joiplay app to run the Windows version.

so i used joiplay to open the mod

And then open the game?


LustDollLover, incase you aren't aware, the file "zzzakin's tattoo guy.rpgmvp" (and likely "zzzakin's tattoo guy.png" if it's used anywhere in the code) is failing to load and causing me a crash any time I load the piercings menu because the file name is being changed in the code. At some point, the game changes that file name to "zzzakin_s%20tattoo%20guy.rpgmvp". The only problem with that is the apostrophe being changed to an underscore. Either remove the apostrophe, or change the file name to have an underscore instead of the apostrophe, and the issue is solved. tl;dr more conventional file naming conventions will solve that problem

Thanks, will fix in next update.

Bro, how do I put this in my game?  I tried using the Windows version and it just stayed on a black screen when I opened the app. Can someone please help?

Sorry for late reply, just download the modded version the same way you downloaded the base game. The mod is completely standalone as of right now.

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I could fix the Bug with the "NaN" in my Game by deliting all " % " in the file www/data/States.json. Looks like the game still reads the numbers as % this way the strength number can only go down to 1

On the other hand
I noticed that in some states like "Nude" are two Stats as "message1" (+) and "message2" (-) both have for Strength 10 witen down. But this way thay cancel each other out and the numbers are stacked. I don't think that was intended that way, but I also don't know if it should be "-" or "+" 10% (in this instant) in the game.

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I noticed a bug in version 0.8a :

When you recover your stamina (sleeping/respawning) your strength turns "NaN".

Waking up usually restores this. However not always. One example is the "Deserted Base" location. After jumping down, if you loose a battle there and respawn your strength is perpetually "NaN" causing your attacks to do 0 damage. this does not happen in the base game.

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this also seems to happen when using 0.8a on the current backer version but it seems to be whenever you load or create a save and it doesn't remove itself.

I also noticed that the tattoo salesman crashed because it is missing an image file also the file location and name is img/pictures/zzzakin_s%20tattoo%20guy.png

That image file is missing because that underscore in the file name is an apostrophe in the actual file name. It's been replaced by an underscore in the code, probably because that's required to allow the file to load. I haven't checked if there's anywhere that still references that file with an apostrophe, but I can confirm that the problem went away when I created a symbolic link to the correct image, with the apostrophe subsituted for an underscore.


Will the v0.8(a) be available in a .apk file?

There were too many problems with the apk version. But you can use Joiplay to run the Windows version on Android.

Can i still use while running the game using joiplay?

Any state that modifies strength changes it to NaN.

Thanks for report. I'll have to look into it.

Tattoo guy's picture is broken. Causes errors. Using version .8a.

Thanks for report.


Hey, can you add a way to change our money when you update this for the next version?

Sound's like a good idea~

Latest version 0.7 won't iinstall for me on Android anyone else having this issue?

You can use the this app to play it because the apk doesn't work if you downloaded the base game first on Android. I'll make a guide with more specific steps when I get time.

Hey, does this game only works with vibration toys ? Because it can't get it to work with my stroker.

yeah, the plugin only works with vibrating devices.

Hello can you config game to work with android version of intiface? On PC intiface connect to game just fine but on android i tried everything and game can't see that server is running and won't connect.

I don't think it would be too hard, but I'll have to look into it since I don't know how the Android version of Intiface works.

Hi, I really like the intiface integration, unfortunately the passive arousal setting messes with all the other interactions due to how RPGMaker handles things (it basically spams the  commands permanently). I figured out a solution for this. I modified Plug2in to be able to support passive vibration. Here's the modified js file. What I did is add 2 new commands: startPassive() and stopPassive(), used exactly the same as start() and stop(). The difference being that the new functions won't overwrite currently active patterns, instead triggering them automatically when the queue is empty. What you need to do is edit the passive arousal common event (0735) and replace every instance of start() and stop() with the new functions.

The passive insertable setting also kinda messes with things, however I'm not sure yet how to fix it. Similar problem being that RPGMaker just likes to spam the command so it overwrites everything else. 

Cool, I'll try it out next chance I get~

Sorry, but it still isn't working even after I installed the new Lust Doll Plus 48.1 update.


(I know It's not your fault)

I know, I'm still working on it, that version is still using the old method :(

(Thanks for kind words :D)

No problem

It doesn't install for me, After I download the Android file I have to install it into the game they're for the same version but it won't install.

Please help me.

This seems to be a problem for a lot of people. Some things to try:

1. Make sure you're on Android 8.0+

2. Ensure you have at least 270MB free

3. Try restarting your device

4. Try clearing your device's cache

5. If you have a second Android device you could try downloading the mod on it and see if it works.

If you still can't get it to work I'll be willing to help you further.

Using fire tablet but downloading is just like android.


@LustDollLover I checked the signatures used for the orig and the modded apks, they differ, as they should, but if you have installed an apk with signature A and package name X and try to install an apk with same package name but signature B, Android will refuse to do that (obvious security risk). This is what I think is happening, but can't verify it since I disabled signature checking on my phone. If it is as I think it is, you can fix that by using Indivi's signature (I doubt they'll give you their cert and those who already use your apk will have to uninstall the one they have now to install the new one), change the value of the package variable in the AndroidManifest.xml (different package name means different package in the eyes of Android, so the saves won't carry over unless you add save export-import into the mod) or by adding something like "uninstall the orig apk before installing this one" to the description (Android deletes everything once an app is uninstalled, i.e. lose save from unmodded game).
Just out of curiosity, are you still using my improvised, quickly thrown together, ghetto-ass method or have you got something more elegant?

@MinionMikel15 Could you try to install the modified apk using ADB and post the output of that here?
If you use Windows, don't bother with Scoop and just get ADB from XDA devs:

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I don't have access to a usable computer.

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I also (not to be rude) don't understand half of what you said, but I'm sure @LustDollLover understands.

Thanks again for the much needed information I'll update the mod as soon as I get some free time :D

As for some way to transfer saves, I'll do some research into Android development to see if I can find a way to make that work.

(I am still using the hacky way of signing since I don't have any idea how Android works.)

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ADB to the rescue once more. You can do 'adb backup -noapk indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus' to create a backup.ab file, then use 'java -jar abp.jar unpack backup.ab backup.tar' to create a regular tar-ball from the backup. Inside the tar, change the 'indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus' folder to '', then 'java -jar abp.jar pack backup.tar newBackup.ab' to turn the tar-ball back to AndroidBackup and lastly 'adb restore newBackup.ab'.
This all should also be doable in the Termux app on Android if one doesn't have access to a PC.
And you may not even have to change the package name. Do a backup, uninstall orig app, install modded app, restore backup without changing it, done.

Edit: can backup and restore using Termux
Install this, enable wireless debugging, connect ADB to localhost and backup-restore as above

Okay I now have 'newbackup.ab' and i just want to make sure if I were to delete lust doll then install lust doll essentials and do 'adb restore newBackup.ab' my save would be transferred to LDE correct, if not can you tell me what I need to do.

(3 edits)

Currently, LDE has the same package name as LDP, so you don't need to rename the folder. But yes, theoretically, once you uninstall LDP, install LDE, and restore the backup, your saves will transfer. If that doesn't work, no worries, just install LDP again and restore your backup as if nothing happened.

And let me know if it works. If it does, I might create a script to do the whole bkp-uninst-inst-rest thing.


Also, what's your favorite color?

I don't really have a favourite colour, but if I had to choose one, neon green or lime green I guess?


Light Pink(Female)

I'm not the original guy asking for help but I have the same problem. I tried to sideload it with ADB but it didn't work and came up with this error message 'failed to install LD+E.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus signatures do not match previously installed version; ignoring!]'. so from my understanding its best to just backup lust doll using what you say in your other comment delete the game and restore the data to lust doll essentials. 


haven't encountered any glitches after actively seeking them out for a few days aside of the two I already reported, but putting something in the mid sanctum sub menu that allows you to adjust stats would be pretty nice and possibly bring in a higher userbase as using external methods to do so is pretty complicated, the beginning of the game also has an option to customize all stats so my lack of coding knowledge indicates it might be fairly simple

(1 edit)

works really well except for a few issues with megaboobs (tops dont quite function at all and a loading error with milking "loading error, failed to load: img/enemies/x-bentover-milker5.png"

It's at the top of my list of things to fix, I just need time to work on it. Thanks for report~

no problem, I also noticed that when in the sci lab to get meat parasites removed, having megaballs enabled also messes with that and has the error " typeerror can not read  property '_name' null


I downloaded the APK file but when I tap it it says "installing" than "app not installed". I have third party apps enabled and don't know what else I can do to make it work.


A lot of people have been saying the same thing, I'm looking into it. Thanks for reporting :)

Ok, that makes me feel so much better because I have spent the last 2-3 hours trying things to get it to work. The fact other people have been experiencing the same thing means it's not just me, I'll keep an eye out on your updates to see if your able to fix it. Thank you :3

Same problem

I have a suggestion for the mod: Allowing item stacks to exceed 99.

If you try it in the base game, using save editing, it does actually work - you can even sell in bulk.
If you do something like use the item or interact with it, it will round the stack size down to 99 again though - but this implies that it's a limit Indivi created (for balance purposes?) likely using some function that manually checks the size of any stack you interact with. It should be easy to remove this limit by simply disabling the function or changing the limit of the function to a higher number (I'm not a game dev though, don't quote me on that). The saves should still be compatible with the base game, because it already works when save editors do it (again, don't quote me on that, I'm a mere mortal Python plebe who cowers at the feet of the gods who use real programming languages)

I will definitely look into it. It's probably hidden in one of the many plugins Indivi made for the game.

Also, I don't know how many people would say JavaScript is any more of a 'real programming language' than Python. xD

(3 edits)

Sorry for the necro. The stack size is set by plugins/YEP_CoreEngine.js, to change it change the "Default Max" in plugins.js. There is a small visual bug with the x being drawn under the number, but that can probably be fixed by changing the drawItemNumber functions in plugins/!Indivi-StorageSystem.js

And don't put yourselves down guys, programming isn't about languages. Once you can write something in one language, you can spend just a couple minutes to learn the syntax of a different language and write it that one, be it Rust, PHP, Java, C, Assembly or even as a transition function of a fucking Turing machine. It's all the same 

Committing necro to say thank you

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I downloaded the mod, loaded up my save, checked for achievements and got the Fist of the North Star one. What caused it? (Is it booping blindfolded Cassie? How do you check for that - Does the game place any flags once you do it? The only thing I did with the modded version was loading my save file and the base game probably doesn't set any flags to check if you've already booped Cassie blindfolded)

(PS(ssst): If you can tell me how to get the String Theory one too I'd appreciate it)


The Fist of the North Star achievement doesn't have to do with booping the catgirl; it has something to do with Pixie.

The mod reads various story variables to tell if the player has obtained an achievement, so basically the check achievements button checks the entire history of your save not just what you've done with the mod.

(String Theory has something to do with Fawn~)

(1 edit)

I figured out what the Fist of the North Star is~ Thanks!
Also I think I might've found a bug - Back when your reply to my comment didn't exist, I loaded up a new save file (max stats and money, if that helps) to try to find out what the Fist achievement was - and I found out what string theory is (Res. check 110 ;) ) - I didn't get the achievement from that. I just checked the Fist one on my new save and it works fine, and Fawn's replay doesn't work so I can't replicate String Theory's conditions again on that save.
Also also, another interesting thing - a bit after Fawn's harsher play (String theory attempt), when I slept (at the place where you can pay 5C for a homeless guy to guard you) I got a strange dream - My chara was apparently on a beach with a chastity cage trying to touch themselves - they remembered they put the key at the resort they were staying at - and a weird sort of half image with what appeared to be a version of Fawn's basic features flashed on screen for a frame before the dream ended. Is this a preview of the upcoming dreams functionality? Or is this some extra rare occurrence from the base game? I can't find anything on the wiki, so it might be worth investigating if this is something new. If I can replicate it and record it, I might edit this comment with the screenshots.


It does seem like the string theory achievement broke when I went to port the mod to the latest version.

As for the dream it is from the mod. It looks like I forgot to disable it after I was done testing. That dream sequence probably won't be done for a bit, but the first dream will be in the next update.

I'm going to try to get a bug fix out in a few days (or tomorrow if the string theory problem is simple to fix).

Thanks for reporting :)

Happy to help :)

i have a couple questions,

1: how do i download the elf jail theme to use permanently?


2: are there any body mods you can provide links to??

P.S: please respond soon, cuz i like the elf jail menu theme, and raring to go with using body mods

If you go to the 'Information' icon there's an option to download custom themes.

Body mods is short for Body Modifications, there is only one other mod by DracoFemboy that I'm aware of, but it is sadly outdated.


It actually still works as of r46.1
Which I suppose makes sense, given all it actually does is add custom items, and lots of code to teach the game how to use them.

(1 edit)

I've also got 2 things;

1. where in the LDP file is the 'Directory'?

2. I've been trying to use this download, but something keeps going wrong, any help?

hey, how do I access fawns harsh play? i have rewatch on, I'm at the torture rack, and I'm talking to fawn but nothing happening

It might've broken somewhere between updates, I'll look in to it when I get home.

Installation Instructions?

For Windows extract and run the game.exe

For Android download the apk and run it. Make sure you allow third party apps.

For any other device download the base game and replace the base www folder with the modded one provided.

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Hey there, i'd really like to use this mod but whenever i try to install the apk, it just says that the installation failed. I have more than enough storage, and i have no idea how to fix it. I use a Samsung Galaxy A51 with Android 11.0

Do you have any problems downloading other rpgmaker games? If so it might be a problem with your device, otherwise I'll look into it.

Most rpgmaker games run smoothly and without major problems, i have spent a lot of time in Lust Doll Plus, Elf Jail, Yorna: Monster Girl's Secrets and some other games. I only had problems installing some of these when my storage was almost full, but i cleared a lot of stuff and there should be plenty of space.

how to use the www file?

The www file is there for Mac users. By downloading the Mac version of the base game, and replacing the base www folder with the modded one, you should be able to get the mod to run on the Mac version.

bug when having mega boob on milking station

The image for the tattoo guy is failing to load and it won't let me do anything about it. Help please.

(1 edit)

go into the game files and go to the file name you see on screen. Edit the name of the file to match the name you see on the screen word for word using spaces instead of _ then click retry. It will then successfully load the image.

Edit: Fixed!

(1 edit)

Fixed thanks for reporting :)

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Will the balls for the mega cock be added?

Cause currently I can't use them.

Yeah, they should be in the next update. I forgot they also had a mega size xD

I have a question.How to start making mods?

This should help you get started.

(1 edit) (+1)

I currently have one problem. When milking in a ranch, an error appears and milking is not possible. It seems to be because there is no illustration with a milking machine in the megaboob state. And this is a suggestion, but can't we make the mega boob and cock grow into skills as well?

Megaboobs and megacock do have many bugs but turning them into skills might be a really good idea, I'll see if I can make it work~

Related bugs currently found are that the game stops when milking in that state, and that only clothes are on top of the body when you put on clothes in that state. The latter requires a new illustration for almost all outfits, but I think the former is a problem that can be solved.
Also, not all outfits have this bug. Some outfits, like sleeveless, don't reflect the mega boob's size, but they are dressed normally.

I didn't have the time to figure out how skills work, but I did add a way to toggle megaboobs/cock in the mod sanctum.

When i have downloaded it and i go to my downloads and try to install it. It says that it cant be installed. Why is that? Im on andriod btw.

Have you had any problems installing other games or is it just this one?

Just this one. I had no problems downloading lust doll plus or other games.

Does this game support all devices that interface does?

It should work on everything except for iOS

its broken for qndroid this is the error

I'll look into it.

Any progress on how close you are on fixing the bug?

It should be fixed by the next ldp update.

does this contain all the stuff from the previous mod?

(1 edit)

At least 3 things are still missing:
- Fun Times City
- Fun Times Wilderness
- Cheat menu

But, Extras is using an older version of LDP as it's base, so keep that in mind as well.

How do I get my character breast as huge in the extra one

Megaboobs and megacock are planned for the next update.

So uh, how's that going?

They're in, check the succubus body workshop :)

(1 edit)

i don't see the features of stats control in the mod sactum, where is it? do you have not included it yet?

I forgot to remove that from the project description xD but yeah it's most likely going to be added next update, after a work out a few bugs with it.

How to install and for what version?

(1 edit) (+1)

What platform are you on? For windows just download 'Essentials v0.1' and launch the game.exe file.

The version is r43.1 :)

can the mobile version be modded?


I am working on getting it to work on Android, it will probably be available later this week. But right now, you could use JoiPlay I'm pretty sure it runs RPGMaker MV games, but I haven't tried it myself. 

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