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A mod for LDC that adds gods and the ability to use their powers.

To start, go to the Hobo nest in the New Arc Slums.

Right now there is only one god added. Feel free to make suggestions I have no idea where to take this story.

CategoryGame mod
Made withRPG Maker
TagsLewd, NSFW
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Lust Doll (Gods of Lewdity).zip 28 MB


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Can I get a hint on what to do with the strange knife and where

I have the same problem with this game, with the original. At the beginning of the game you have to open a door, but I can’t open it. Can someone help me?

what do i do after i get the knife to open the wall and summon the god

what do i do after a talk to the person in the black market they keep just saying none of your buzziness

you need to go to the crypts in the graveyard to find a knife

Is there one for windows and if there is, what is the newest one?

how do you open the crack

Deleted 1 year ago


How exactly do you start this mod story?

Talk to the npc on the top left

(p.s. sorry for the late reply)

Do you use the latest version to be moded?

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, the latest verion is used.

I understand, Thanks for the reply

I'd like to have a private conversation with you. Twitter? Discord? Perhaps a Twitch?

Sorry for the late response, my discord is 6kills#1234

what do you do after awakening the god (or goddess i guess)

Sadly nothing, I havn't added anything passed that point.

win will you added more to this mod

I don't know, I guess when I get better at writing storylines. Although if I do begin working on it again I will most likely do it in Lust Doll+ because of how much easier it is to work with.


Where can I find the Cum Extract?

You need to go to the Milk Store basement and choose to have your dick and balls milked, if you don't have them you can go to the succubus tower workshop to grow a dick and balls.

(You should try asking questions about the original game here https://indivi.itch.io/lustdoll)

How do I get the crack to open?

You'll find something in the graveyard outside the manor that should help you.

What is the password?


how do I mod it?

If you go to the inner sanctum you will see a button labeled modding which will take you to a guide on how to mod LD Classic

do I really have to buy rpg maker?

Isn't there another way?

No other way that I know, unless you want to spend the time looking for it on various torrenting sites

You don't need to buy RPG Maker to play RPG Maker games, or install mods for them.

Lust Doll+ is free with an option to support it's Dev.

If you want to install a mod, you shouldn't need RPG Maker, unless you're installing conflicting mods.

But if you want to create a mod, then yes, you do need a copy of the RPG Maker used to create the game, and the game's project files.

Bringing this up since OP didn't clarify if they were installing or creating a mod.