LDPE Initial release (0.1.0)


Shadow Pendant

-Pixie's reaction


Character's Face marked on map

-Full support for Rinny

-Able to be toggled

Chair Mod v0.3

-Fully added

-Able to be toggled


More Outfits

-Most likely different styles of already existing outfits

-If you have anything specific feel free to comment them :)

More Enemies and things to fight

-Provided I can figure out how the ldp battle system works and come up with lewd scenes

Moral system

-A system that changes with each action you perform. Ex. choosing to use the feather on the succubus's nose in the Succubus Tower Dungeon would have an effect on the system. (Credit goes to Fox_Senpai for the idea)


LDP Extras r18.1[LDPEv0.1.0] (Win).zip 175 MB
Oct 29, 2020
www.zip 1.2 MB
Oct 29, 2020

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