New update, not too much new but there is now a dream in the game :D thanks to Darkwalker! There is a 14% chance of it triggering each time you sleep.

(p.s. I didn't play test this version as thoroughly as I normally do, so please report any bugs you come across)


Essentials v0.5 Windows 327 MB
Mar 08, 2023
Essentials v0.5 Android 268 MB
Mar 08, 2023
Essentials v0.5 www file 265 MB
Mar 08, 2023

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so basicly we sleep atleast 10 time and the dream occour at least once?

While there is no guarantee that the dream will occur every 10 times you sleep, there is a 14% chance of having that dream each time you sleep. So, statistically speaking, it is probable that you will have the dream at least once out of those 10 times you sleep.