Added Achievements
   Added Megaboobs & Megacock to the succubus tower body workshop
   Added toggle button to noclip menu
   Optimized menus
   Changed character creator stat modifier to allow up to 8 digits to be typed in
   Fixed audio file bug on Android
   Added buttplug.io support for:
      Rinny's Private Dungeon scenes
      Cassie's Private Dungeon scenes (todo pillory stocks)
      Fawn's Private Dungeon scenes
      (todo linda pd scenes)
      Hypnosnake lust attacks
      Pitcher plant lust attacks
      Succubus Teacher bind attacks
      Succubus Trainee bind attacks
      Adjusted Incubus lust attack timing
      Mistyra lust attacks
   Fixed bug not allowing old saves to work with the later versions
      -Note: This will only allow you to load old saves, it will not fix
      some of the game breaking bugs that using old saves causes.
   Fixed Noclip not working.
   Inital release :)

Please report any bugs that may have popped up when porting into r44!


Essentials v0.2 Windows 313 MB
Dec 08, 2022
Essentials v0.2 Android 255 MB
Dec 08, 2022
Essentials v0.2 www file 252 MB
Dec 08, 2022

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