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I currently have one problem. When milking in a ranch, an error appears and milking is not possible. It seems to be because there is no illustration with a milking machine in the megaboob state. And this is a suggestion, but can't we make the mega boob and cock grow into skills as well?

Megaboobs and megacock do have many bugs but turning them into skills might be a really good idea, I'll see if I can make it work~

Related bugs currently found are that the game stops when milking in that state, and that only clothes are on top of the body when you put on clothes in that state. The latter requires a new illustration for almost all outfits, but I think the former is a problem that can be solved.
Also, not all outfits have this bug. Some outfits, like sleeveless, don't reflect the mega boob's size, but they are dressed normally.

I didn't have the time to figure out how skills work, but I did add a way to toggle megaboobs/cock in the mod sanctum.

When i have downloaded it and i go to my downloads and try to install it. It says that it cant be installed. Why is that? Im on andriod btw.

Have you had any problems installing other games or is it just this one?

Just this one. I had no problems downloading lust doll plus or other games.

Does this game support all devices that interface does?

It should work on everything except for iOS

its broken for qndroid this is the error

I'll look into it.

Any progress on how close you are on fixing the bug?

It should be fixed by the next ldp update.

does this contain all the stuff from the previous mod?

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At least 3 things are still missing:
- Fun Times City
- Fun Times Wilderness
- Cheat menu

But, Extras is using an older version of LDP as it's base, so keep that in mind as well.

How do I get my character breast as huge in the extra one

Megaboobs and megacock are planned for the next update.

So uh, how's that going?

They're in, check the succubus body workshop :)

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i don't see the features of stats control in the mod sactum, where is it? do you have not included it yet?

I forgot to remove that from the project description xD but yeah it's most likely going to be added next update, after a work out a few bugs with it.

How to install and for what version?

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What platform are you on? For windows just download 'Essentials v0.1' and launch the game.exe file.

The version is r43.1 :)

can the mobile version be modded?


I am working on getting it to work on Android, it will probably be available later this week. But right now, you could use JoiPlay I'm pretty sure it runs RPGMaker MV games, but I haven't tried it myself. 

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